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  1. Loading time is reasonable.
  2. Text-background contrast is adequate.
  3. Standard font size gives readability.
  4. Dynamic (flash) is used to a limited extend.
  5. Images have ALT argument.
  6. 404/not-found page is customized.


  1. The company's name is displayed in a prominent and visible place, without disturbing the site.
  2. Motto displayed in the page title clearly reflect the mission and purpose.
  3. Home page/index may be 'digestible' in 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. The information about the company is easy to access.
  5. The contact information is easy to access.


  1. The content is not crowded.
  2. Vertical and horizontal arrangement is synchronized.
  3. The number of empty spaces is limited.
  4. Text/images ratio is balanced.


  1. Site navigation system is easily identifiable.
  2. Company logo is a link to the homepage.
  3. The site's search engine is easily identifiable and accessible.
  4. Links are consistent and easy to find.
  5. The number of buttons and links both from front page and in categories is not overwhelming.
  6. There is a system for identifying the area where you are – breadcrumb.
  7. Buttons and links are clear and concise.
  8. Listing is provided with filtration system.


  1. The header of each page is clear and descriptive.
  2. The style and colors used are consistent.
  3. The critical content is in the first part of the screen, without being neccessarily the scroll - above the fold.
  4. Using bold site is minimal compared to overall.
  5. The products area is concise and explanatory.
  6. The URL is given to the page that it represents.
  7. The page title is given to the page that it represents and is unique.


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