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web design romania

web design romania


Redesign- web site

Most companies have a website, but most of these sites do not bring benefits. This is generally due to poor organisation of the site, using software means outdated, lack of promotion, etc. Financially speaking, the website is an investment that should prove profitacble for bringing in a revenue increase of your company.

Finally, a website should work for your business!

Promotion through traditional media (magazines, newspapers, billboards) which involves huge costs that often do not appear to be profitable. A main drawback of traditional media advertising is because of the limited space you have. Therefore we propose the easy, modern and efficient way of promotion: the website!

Reasons for a redesign:

The online environment has increased significantly and also diversified enormously. If at the begining we were talking just about a simple online presence, now is the time to incorporate more value to your web site.

It's time to grow and diversify the implication of your business in online!




Site design, posters, business cards ...

The secret of a successful brand is good communication with the market. Printed materials should attract attention and persuade by using symbols and color palette. By using creativity and quality design, ExpertOnline team helps your brand to show its true personality.


- Layouts:

- Graphic design:

A brand really deserves its title when it is recognised by the market. Creating a visual identity which requires the company to generate notoriety quickly by finding the defining elements of the brand.

These elements must be included in the symbols, fonts, colors and design styles used.

ExpertOnline guarantees you finding ways to ensure your original and inovative presentation!

ExpertOnline helps you build a successful brand, which will promptly respond to all challenges of the market.


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